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Here in Southwest Florida mold is a common issue in single family houses, duplexes, condos and apartments. As rule there are always some moderate levels of mold in the air at all times. These levels vary due to temperature and humidity. High levels of mold inside a home can be caused by, among other things, leaking pipes, leaking roofs or general water intrusion into the property. Mold can be insidious. You may not be aware that you have mold and it can cause people with allergies to come down with cold-like symptoms or worse.

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Finding a Fort Myers Property Management Company You Can Trust

Transparency is our gift to owners and tenants, and today, we’re sharing some of the ways that we establish and maintain trust with clients and customers.

What do we mean by transparency?

We mean that you, as an owner, will know exactly where your money is going and who it is going to.

Rental Property Management Systems

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