Suggestions for Real Estate Investors

Property Management in the Southwest Florida Area involves investors from throughout the United States as well as international investors. Since moving to the area and becoming a part of the All County Family of Property Management Franchises we have learned a lot about investing in rental properties in the Lee County Area of Southwest Florida. We would like to share some of our knowledge with those who follow this blog.
One of the most crucial factors in investing in Southwest Florida, or anywhere for that matter, is to gain as much local knowledge of the market that you plan to invest in as you are able.
This can be accomplished by locating a competent and honest realtor, investor or property manager in the local area. Perhaps a combination of two or more or these would be in your best interest.
Many investors focus only on the price of the property with which they are considering investing. Although the price may seem attractive it is ALWAYS a good idea to get the property inspected in order to uncover any issues that may need addressing prior to placing a tenant in the property. Defects uncovered can drastically affect the overall investment performance of an investors property.
Many realtors, property managers and local investors know qualified home inspectors that will evaluate a property and make you aware of both seen and unseen defects in a property that you are considering purchasing as either an investment or as a potential retirement property.

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